Sinbi Muay Thai

We have booked in for training at Sinbi Muay Thai for ten days. It is two sessions a day, 7-9:30 in the morning, and then the afternoon session from 16-18:30. Now we have been training for two days. I really like the camp, the rooms are ok, it’s a nice area, and not much tourists … Continue reading

By bus from Bangkok to Phuket – same, same…but different!

The 25th we were one the road to Phuket and Sinbi Muay Thai. We had booked a bus ticket at a travel agency right by our hotel, and we were promised VIP bus with air condition and the best seats, and a 16 hours trip. Well, it´s not always like they promise… It started out … Continue reading

Bangkok – Rajadamnern Muay Thai Arena, first muay thai training and Christmas eve

We got a ride in a taxi from Koh Samet to Bangkok we got a ride with Silje and Maria. Very comfortable in stead of travelling by bus. It took some time though, since the driver insisted on not taking the highway – probably to save the 40 baht in toll. We lived on New … Continue reading

Koh Samet

This is the last night in Koh Samet, we leave for Bangkok tomorrow morning. Andre and Nina are already there, so I look forward to meet them. I´ve had two great days here in Koh Samet – even though it´s not that much happening here. So there is not so much to write about – … Continue reading

Just relaxing

Right now I´m in Koh Samet, having a real good time on the beach all day, eating good food, having a cuple of beers on the beach and watching the flameshow twice every evening – because thats the only big thing happening here. It was really nice to meet Silje, and Maria have been in … Continue reading

Pattaya – not my kind of place


We arrived Pattaya at the evening. We hadn’t booked a place to stay, since the internet connection had been limited on the island. We ended up in a hotel in a small street about five minutes from the beach. The town was all that I expected – way too lively and noisy, and less attractive … Continue reading

Ko Si Chang

Ko Si Chang is a small island outside Si Rancha, only about 100 kilometres outside Bangkok. There are boats to the island leaving every two hours from Si Rancha at daytime. On the boats we were the only ones not looking locals. There are a lot of hills, only one big beach, and almost no … Continue reading

Soon taking off!

Its just two days left before I take off to Thailand [:o]  I had my last day at work today, and I´m really looking forward to a seven weeks vacation! I leave sunday morning, and fly via Moscow to Bangkok. I´m travelling with some friends from [url=] sentrum kickboxing [/url] the first three weeks. First … Continue reading