Ko Si Chang

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Ko Si Chang is a small island outside Si Rancha, only about 100 kilometres outside Bangkok. There are boats to the island leaving every two hours from Si Rancha at daytime. On the boats we were the only ones not looking locals. There are a lot of hills, only one big beach, and almost no tourists – at least not when we were there. The hotel looked nice – it was big and close to the pier, the room looked nice and with working aircondition, a swimmingpool that I´m a little unsure if I would take a swim in, a really glaring Christmas tree, and smiling staff everywhere – even though I think we were the only guests.
The first night we walked around, and managed to find pan and david, a restaurant recommended in rough guide. It was the only restaurant that actually looked like a restaurant on the whole island. Very good and spicy food! But not much people. Not a problem this night, I think we were sleeping at ten – and waked up around twelve the next day.
Exploring the island – starting with the beach. We tried to find the internet café, but it turned out to be an office of some kind where they had one machine connected. Still not sure we found the right place…but we got a map over the island, and then got a tuk-tuk to the beach. The water is fabulous, but nearly not cooling at all. Perfect for me that usually spend more time in the water than on the beach! Snorkling was good there, a lot of small fish in big swarms, they were everywhere around you. So the scary book that I bought – “the swarm”, which is about mutated seeworms and other scary stuff deep down in the see will not be further read before I´m far away from the sea some place up north.
There is not a lot to do on the island, but they have a few attraction – like Rama V´s temple and the big yellow buddah. When we walked around the island we passed a buddhist monastery, and peeked inside the gate since there were a big welcome sign. A nun came at us and wanted to show us around – and took us around and told us about how their master found a cave on the island through a sight 36 years ago. It really amaze me that a woman can have such a happiness glowing through her eyes from living a simple life using all her time to put mindness and concentration into praying and daily duties. I wish I could have such a inner peace – but there is far too much stuff running through my head at all times.
Ko Sichang is a beautiful island, and it was fun to see the really untouched Thailand. All houses and restaurants looked very old and threadbeared, and there were not many cars at the island. The evenings was too quiet though. Still three more days before meeting Nina in Bangkok – so we decided to go to Pattaya. Not a place I really waned to see, rather opposite, but I´ll give it a chance.


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