Koh Samet

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This is the last night in Koh Samet, we leave for Bangkok tomorrow morning. Andre and Nina are already there, so I look forward to meet them.
I´ve had two great days here in Koh Samet – even though it´s not that much happening here. So there is not so much to write about – lazy days on the beach and thai massage in between sunbathing and swimming. Just adding some photos so you can see how great it can be two days before Christmas. It is weird knowing that my family will decorate the Christmas tree tomorrow, I don´t think I will be homesick really, but it will feel strange. And I wish I was home right now because my black cat is sick and has been to the vet three times this week because of a huge clogging in her stomach- and it does not feel good not being there. But she´s getting better I hope, so my very kind cat sitter can get his pulse down to normal and sleep at nights again. So I will come home to the vet bill from hell and be stuck with eating fried rice for a couple of months.

I hope all you folks at home will have a great holiday – I don’t think I will update the blog before I arrive in Phuket the 26th. It will be tough starting the muay thai training, I haven’t had one single decent workout since my graduation in kickboxing…. We will celebrate Christmas at the hotel where Silje and Maria are staying – a really luxury place with pools and Christmas food for the ones missing the ribs and potatoes. Happy holiday everyone!


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