Bangkok – Rajadamnern Muay Thai Arena, first muay thai training and Christmas eve

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We got a ride in a taxi from Koh Samet to Bangkok we got a ride with Silje and Maria. Very comfortable in stead of travelling by bus. It took some time though, since the driver insisted on not taking the highway – probably to save the 40 baht in toll.
We lived on New Siam II in Banglamphu, the backpacker area in Bangkok. A nice hotel with ok rooms and a small swimming pool, placed in a small and quite street. We didn’t really do any sightseeng in the city, we just walked around and did some shopping, had good food and had thai massage every day. The day before Christmas eve we went to one of the big thai boxing arenas, Rajadamnern stadium,  and watched some fights. We were a bit disappointed since there were only young boys fighting that night – but I think they look incredible cool! They arrive the ring with some kind of head ornament and flowers around their neck, and all fights start with a dance to honour their trainer.

Christmas eve we got up 6:30 in the morning and went to our first class of thai boxing at Sor Vorapin thai gym. They are located in a small back street not far from where we lived. Pretty tired, and did not really feel like training so early in the morning – but it was actually no problem when we just got started! In the evening we went to the hotel where Silje lived, and had Christmas buffee in a real nice hotel. So much food, all you can imagine, and a chocolate fountain – I did not miss the Christmas food from home, but I guess it´s not so important for me since the only thing I eat from the traditional Christmas food is potatoes and my dads fantastic mashed Swedes. We had a really nice evening, and with 30 degrees outside and palms all over town I did not really feel like I missed out on something being here. Even though I did miss my family when I know they were all at our house without me…


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