By bus from Bangkok to Phuket – same, same…but different!

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The 25th we were one the road to Phuket and Sinbi Muay Thai. We had booked a bus ticket at a travel agency right by our hotel, and we were promised VIP bus with air condition and the best seats, and a 16 hours trip. Well, it´s not always like they promise…
It started out good with a ok bus – even tough it didn’t arrive until 7, and we were supposed to leave at 6. We were very happy for almost lying straight down in our seats, and thought that this would be great for a bus trip. Finally fell asleep – and woke up by a voice screeming “All out! Get out of the bus! Hello! All out now, you have five minutes!”. It was half past six in the morning, everybody was asleep – and really hurried up since it sounded like we had to for getting on another bus. We had to show our ticket, and got a j
handwritten sticker with “PHUKET” on our shirt, and then we fiddled about for almost an hour without knowing what was going on – until we got a message that our bus would arrive in one hour. So, two hours in a kerbstone. The bus we got was warm as hell, and one hour after we got into the bus it was really piled up with people. And still five hours to Phuket. Well – it took some more hours to get there, since we constant stopped to stuff more people into the bus, and had two stops when the bus had to get into a repaired yard….
But finally we arrived after 23 hours!
The saying “same same, but different” which they always use in Thailand are really not making any sense…until this trip – a bus is a bus, but it might be a little different from what you expect!


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