Sinbi Muay Thai – end of stay

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My stay at Sinbi is over now, and I really wish I could stay there longer. I enjoyed the company of Nina, Andre and Halvor, all three of them are really easy to get along with. I really enjoyed the area, quiet and nice and not crowded with people everywhere – as long as you stayed away from Kata and Patong. The trainers were great, and fun listening to. Aaaauuuwheeeeeee! BREEEAAAAK – ten pushups! (the first time we thougt “What? He said break!” – but break means pushups or situps). NO – *smack*. Wait wait wait wait – begin begin begin begin! No, wait – togetha! 
I even got used to getting up at six in the morning and start warming up at 6:45. I know that most of you guys at home won´t believe it, but I actually preferred morning training from the afternoon session. I guess this touch of being a morning riser will get passed when I get home to darkness and snow and are going to work in stead of to training and to the beach. Other things that feels naturally that I hope I will put aside when I get home is smellytesting my clothes to cheque if I can use it just one more time before I wash it in cold water, have cold water showers three times a day and having a towel that smells worse than the clothes not passing my smellytest.
When not training we mostly spent the breaks at the beach, we rented scooters so we could get around. At evenings we had some food in one of the restaurants around, had a thai massage – and felt like getting to bed around nine or ten.
I left Phuket at Saturday, and headed for Chiang Mai. I have found a lot of things in my bag that I actually don’t need, and luckily Andre bought a suitcase bigger than himself so I could send some of it home. So now there is some room in my backback!
I´m staying at the Eagle House 2 now, and tomorrow I´m picked up at 8:30 and are going to the Elephant Nature Park. So next time I´m blogging it will just be a bunch of photos of cute elephants! Now I´m going back to my kind of crappy but clean room where I guess the sound level is like last night: a jazz concert from one side and a reggae concert from the other window (with no glass), both loudly enough to force through my ear plugs.


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