Elephant Haven

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Once or twice a week elephants are taken even further into the jungle and up in the mountains, to elephant haven. It is a really beautiful spot. We were a group of thirteen walking with the elephants up there and spend the night under a roof on a pole floor. Walking with the elephants are not very hard, they are really slow! But I like to see the way they walk – they are not a bunch of maniacs stamping trough the woods. They carefully put down their feet each step and stops to eat everywhere. Jodie at the park told us that in Burma they say that a woman should walk like an elephant – they keep their legs really tight all the time, and their hips swing elegant from side to side. It was a nice hike up walking with five elephants, but you had to keep an eye behind you in case the one behind you decided to speed up, or you could get a surprise from a trunk suddenly passing you before you jumped aside.
At the haven we just relaxed. The mahouts where amazing and did everything for us. They made our sleeping places, which consisted of bamboo floor with a math, a sleeping bag and a carpet. Then they cooked and served us the dinner, and later on they entertained us with music. These very tiny and cute men can actually do everything! A nice evening by the fire, listening to Pom telling stories from the early days of the park and stories about the elephants.
Going to bed was a project on its own, it is cold at night, get dressed, get in the sleeping bag, try to find a kind of comfy position to sleep in. I actually slept almost all night, except for when I of course had to pee in the middle of the might. Spooky just to cross the corner of the hut – no way I would go the 30-40 metres away from the hut to the shelter with the whole in the ground in the black night!
Good morning with hot coffee and the mahouts running around making breakfast for us, being better toasters than the electric ones at the park. Then we were of to find the elephants, I followed BK´s mahout. He was obviously pretty easy to find, I think they have pretty much better ears for the elenoise than I have….He was standing in the middle of some really good stuff, so even with fruit it took some time to get him going.
Back to the park – and back to work and fun!


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