Chiang Mai – last days with ele people, cooking classes and mountain biking.

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When I had finished my week at the elephant park I went back to Chiang Mai. I found a nice hotel with a swimming pool, and stayed there with some of the other people from the park. The Sunday night in town was pretty good, going to the market with the same people I spent the week with. My days were fully booked, and the nights I met up with some of the elepeople and had dinner and walked in the markets. Monday I had my first cooking class at May Kaidees restaurant. We were just four girls, and Duan took us to the market and then we cooked a lot of dishes, and finally we ate it. And it tasted like real thai food! Tuesday I went to another cooking class at an organic farm outside town. It was a really beautiful place, and we went to the local market, had a round at the farm to learn about the herbs and then cooked the food. Now I can make my own curries, Tom Yam/ Tom Kha soup, pumpkin soup, peanut sauce, papaya salad, stir fries – and my favourites pad thai and sweet stickyrice with mango. Im really looking forward to try the dishes at home, and I guess my friends do to 🙂
Wednesday I went mountainbiking. I have never done any offroad biking before, but we were covered with safety equipment all over, the bikes were good and the guides were nice. Great fun! Bumpy dirtroads steap down, some singletracks and some uphill – which were extremely heavy with the mountain bikes with the seat very lowered. I finally found the technique of leaning back on the bike and Im the master of pumping the breaks.
I was planning to move on to Soppong on Thursday, but I ended up just hanging around in town doing nothing – even though I went around all day. I went to the bus station to check the bus departures for friday, but ended in the wrong station. So after some vague presumptions from the receptionist at the hotel I gambled for the bus leaving Chiang Mai “around ten”. The guy outside my hotel who had asked me “taxi?” three time a day since I arrived finally got a yes. Off to the right bus staion, and it was not too bad – I got a ticket for a minibus that left 10:30 and it would take me five hours to get to Soppong. 
I really liked Chiang Mai, even though it is a big city I find it pretty relaxed and there is a lot of stuff to do. I decided to go back there and spend a few days before I go to Bangkok and catch my flight home.


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