Nairobi – visiting Sasini coffee plantage and the museum

After celebrating Christmas in Nakuru it was time to move around to see more of Kenya. I started out in Nairobi, meeting Banus and his family. I met them in a park not far from the YMCA were I stayed, and discovered a very nice park! Big enough to walk around for hours, and also … Continue reading

Norwegian christmas and Kenyan christmas

Chrismas in Kenya! I actually hadnt thought much about how to spend the christmas. But then I met a norwegian woman who lives outside Nakuru with her kenyan husband and children. When she heared from some women at a conference she joined that there were a norwegian in egerton she wanted to get in touch, … Continue reading

Egerton Univeristy, traditional kenyan food and labwork

Egerton is situated about 25 km outside Nakuru town. The way of travelling is matatus, and they pass all the time, and leave when they are full- or more than full. It is the way of moving around everywhere, and I start getting used to it. They almost throw you into it, and there is … Continue reading

Safari – Lake Nakuru NP

My first safari! I guess there will be some more. I think the photos describe the beautiful view in the park and I saw a lot of animals! Lake Nakuru is known for the flamingos, but they were not there…just a few of them. During the rainy season parts of the lake is turned into … Continue reading

Menengai Krater

Menengai Crater is an extinct volcano with views of Lake Nakuru, Lake Bogoria as well as the crater itself. It is a large Caldera, formed by millions of years of volcanic activity. The highest point, at some 2,300 m above sea level, has a signpost that shows the directions and distances to several places in … Continue reading

ROSA project and visiting implementation sites

ROSA – Resource-Oriented Sanitation concepts for peri-urban areas in Africa.  This is a research project funded by EU to implement principles of sustainable sanitation in four African countries: Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. They also include a lot of local partners in the funding and implementation. During the first week I was shown around on … Continue reading

Sampling of greywater and visiting the Hells gate National Park

After arriving Egerton Sunday I startet out the week with sampling greywater with James and Laura. James is doing his PH. D in greywater and will set up constructed wetlands to treat the water with the intention of reuse. Laura is fro Germany and she is doing her diploma here in Egerton. They are sampling … Continue reading

Arriving Kenya and spending the weekend in Nairobi

Kenya – finally there after counting down for months, weeks, days and hours! I was welcomed by James and Banus at the airport – they had actually been so eager to welcome me that they also were there the day before – but then I was still asleep in my bed in Oslo. It was … Continue reading