Arriving Kenya and spending the weekend in Nairobi

Kenya – finally there after counting down for months, weeks, days and hours! I was welcomed by James and Banus at the airport – they had actually been so eager to welcome me that they also were there the day before – but then I was still asleep in my bed in Oslo. It was so nice to see them again!
We started off having breakfast at Banus place and saying hello to his family. Then I delivered all my luggage at the YMCA hotel close to Nairobi town centre and spend the rest of the day walking around with James. I got my visa for Uganda, had a walk around the main streets of the town, and then travelled by matatu to Kibera – the slum area of town. If I had arrived the area for buses and matatus on my own to go somewhere I would have been very stressed! There were cars and people everywhere, and they all wanted you to ride with them! Shouting and banging on the cars, waving aound with numbers for the different routes. When you finally find the right car and get in and its filled up you think: finally, we are leaving. Then they keep pushing in people till its really full!
In Kibera more than half a millin people live there, its overcrowded and there is no sanitation system at all – except for a station we visited which didn’ t really work out as it was supposed to. What surprised me was that all the people living there were really smartly dressed, you could not pick them out on the street and tell they lived in Kibera!
The next day I was going with Banus to Nunguni, his home village. It was very nice to get a chance to meet some of his family, and to see some of the eastern side of Nairoi. We drove about 130 km on partly bumpy and dusty roads, than up the mountains – and we were there! I had my first meal with ugali and kale (sukuma wiki, which means to push the week). His mother saw some photos from Norway, and could not understand how it was possible to have sun all night long!
I went to a safari walk on saturday, its like a small zoo next to the National Park in Nairobi. You get to see the animals really close, and I had a nice guide who told me a lot about the african wildlife. Im now prepared for safaris! Then I met up with James, and he took me to walk in the eastern part of town, where the real kenyans are he told me – beyond the limits of where to walk on my own!
Sunday I had my first challenge – to get from the city center to Ngong on my own for lunch with James’ family. Find number 111 and get off at Zambia busstop. A bit confusing and its very hot riding a overcrowded matatu for 45 minutes, but I got there!
Then – my first weekend was over, and off to Nakuru and Egerton University.


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