Norwegian christmas and Kenyan christmas

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Chrismas in Kenya! I actually hadnt thought much about how to spend the christmas. But then I met a norwegian woman who lives outside Nakuru with her kenyan husband and children. When she heared from some women at a conference she joined that there were a norwegian in egerton she wanted to get in touch, and I met her for a short while in town – and she invited me to spend the christmas with her family. I had an almost norwegian christmas eve, the food is a bit different – but very nice! Also – delays are not a stressfactor here, as in my home where my father is totally stressed if the dinner is not on the table five
o’clock sharp! I had a wonderful christmas, almost as good as home, just a bit different 🙂 I spend the night at their house, and the 25th I was just going to return to the hotel and spend the day relaxing. But when I was in touch with James on the way to town he said he was in town on his way to meet his family, and would wait for me so we could go together. So I had a quick change in a shabby toilet in town, and then I was ready for another celebration of christmas – this time a kenyan celebration. They gather the family, slaughter a goat and make a big lunch to celebrate. And all parts of the goat is used! Some times Im really happy that I go only for the vegetables! I had a really great day, and kenyans are very happy to have guests, and are very curious on how Norway is. And they get really surprised when they hear that all education is free, that we dont have any real slums and that people get money from the government when they dont have a job. After a hectic two-days celebration it was time to move on towards the coast for the rest of the holiday – ready for some warm and humid weather!


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