Nairobi – visiting Sasini coffee plantage and the museum

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After celebrating Christmas in Nakuru it was time to move around to see more of Kenya. I started out in Nairobi, meeting Banus and his family. I met them in a park not far from the YMCA were I stayed, and discovered a very nice park! Big enough to walk around for hours, and also a nice place to just hang out and relax.
The following day I visited a coffe plantage – Sasini coffee! The mamager is a friend of Banus from when he worked for Sasini. I visited the fields of coffee trees, saw the process from drying the beens to finished product ready for burning or export. The mamager of the mill was very happy with Norwegians drinking so much coffee, they exported a lot of coffee beans to Friele. After the visit we were invited for a late breakfast at the managers house – you never leave any African home without eating his wife told me!

Later that day I had lunch at Banus’ house, and then we all went for the museum in Nairobi. A very nice place, and I had some interesting hours walking around there. Im not very good at planning when Im traveling, so museums are not often visited by me – so Im very happy that Banus suggests things like this!

Moving on from Nairobi to Mombasa. Finding a hotel was not very easy, most phone numbers in my guidebook do not work, and most hotels were full because of the holiday. I managed to get a room in the YWCA in town, and I also managed to get a bus ticket from MASH (one of the good and comfortable bus companies) after several calls to check if the bus still was full. I finally got one the same morning as I was supposed to depart. A few very bumping hours on the first 150 km out of  Nairobi, but after that the road was more or less smooth the whole way to Mombasa!


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