Malindi – relaxing and celebration of the new year

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I hadnt planned much for the holiday, and my initial plan was to stay in mombasa during new year. I arrived at a very shabby hotel – all though the staff was very friendly. Mombasa is a big city, and I hadnt read anything about what to do there, but I knew there were beaches! I tried to find a new place to stay, but everything was fully booked, so i travelled to Malindi the next morning. Ive become kind of a morning person here, and at nine I had already had breakfast, I had been to town to check my emails and was on the way to find a matatu for Malindi! I had booked a room at Ozis hotel, and I liked it! 100 shilling a night (90 kr) including the best breakfast Ive had in Kenya and three pieces of laundry free every day! I was very happy, because I have done all my laundry myself in the sinks of the hotels during my whole stay. I spend all my time with kenyans who tell me that everything is expensive – so now I find everything expensive and have almost stopped comparing things to the norwegian costs. Im really crazy when I buy a dinner for 300 shilling (27 kroner)!

I was supposed to meet a guy from couchsurfing in Malindi, but he had gone for a holiday, so he sent his two brothers to meet me in stead. Amon and Ken were very nice and welcoming, and they made my stay in Malindi wonderful! I spent one day on the beach, very nice to hang around, but a lot of stuff in the water, and not very nice to swim. The water was almost not cooling you down at all. A lot of beachboys hanging around everywhere, but since I was there with Ken they didnt bother me. This is the place that women in their 50s go to hang out and be entertained by the cute 18 year old rastaguys! I hope this will not be the place I most often travel to in about 15 years….

New years eve I spent at Amon and Kens house. The kids around the village are very excited to see a white person moving around there, the difference from other parts of Kenya is that here they speak italian to you! They shouted ciao and caramela all the time. In the evening we prepared food and ate with their neighbours and watched the crazy little boy dancing around for an hour when the new year started. A very nice ending of one year and beginning of a new one!

The day after I had to move on, I had booked a trip for maasai mara and had to be in nairobi by saturday morning. In my six hours waiting in Mombasa I met Isaac, the brother of Ken and Amon, and he showed me around in Mombasa and hanged out with me until it was time to go. I fell asleep as the bus left the police check before taking off, and I could not understand how to wake up 4:30 in the morning when the bus arrived in Nairobi.


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