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After my trip to Maasai Mara I went back to Nakuru to stay a few more days with ROSA. It turned out to be just a few lazy days, and that was ok with me. Spent some time in the city, met a girl from couchsurfing – and she actually worked at the beauty saloon I was heading for later that day.
Then I was off to Kisumu and on my way to Uganda. I went with James, and we stayed with his cousin Cornelius and hos family. They had a very nice house on the hills outside Kisumu, were it was nice and cool in the evenings.
Kisumu is the third biggest city in Kenya, and is a really nice town. Its situated by the lake, and have some nice beaches, and restaurants with fresh fish from the lake. Fried telapia with ugalia and kale – very nice!
I visited the museum, the markets, were taken around the city and some of the outskirts – my driver James delivered and picked me up everywhere! So I got to see a lot of the city, and even did my first piece of shopping in the marked – a dress for 9 kroner! I like walking in the markets, but its not easy to do any shopping, if you find something you like its probably not your size.
It was very nice to have a break from the hotels and eat food prepared at home, and aslo learn how to prepare some of the food. I also made baccalao with the norwegian codfish that have travelled half the world with me. Very nice!

Then – a whole month have already passed and it was time to move on to Uganda. I was not happy to leave Kenya, I have really had a great month – but at the same time it was ok, I was looking forward to meet Denis in Busia and knew I will still have another week in Kenya before I have to head back to Norway!

Moving on in a matatu, I have got used to the crowded cars. But this one was filled with 25 people, seven of them children, but anyway crowded. I will never forget the one who were singing “oooobaaaaa obbbbbaaaaa, daaaaaa” all three hours to Busia!


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