Kampala – Lodwar – Nakuru – Nairobi – Oslo

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Just a small update months after I returned home…
Leaving Kampala was not that bad, cause I was really looking forward to spend another week in Kenya before I had to go home. I travelled by bus from Kampala and planned to go to Eldoret for a few days before I joined James to go to Lodwar, where he work On the way the plans changed, and I branched off to Kitale, and then straight to Lodwar. When I arrived, I had spent 27 hours in a bus or a matatu!! Kitale express was not much of an express..ot stopped several times an hour, and after I while I realized it was to tighten the tires…but we got there, it just took some time.

I got a nice room in Splash hotel. Lodar is just a few dusty roads, very hot, very eager guides who wanted to take me everywhere, and a restaurant which I dont even know if have a name, but with the best mangojuice Ive ever had!! I spend three days here, just relaxing, walking and eating and spending time with James and his friends. One of the days we went to Eliyha springs, a wonderful spot in the middle of nowhere with charming huts on the beach of lake Turkana. I wish I some day have the chance to return to this place to spend some time.

On the way back to Nairobi I had one night in Nakuru to meet up with the people from ROSA, and we went out to the Ethiopian restaurant for a dinner. It was nice to meet all of them again, and I was very sad when I had to leave for Nairobi to catch my flight back home.

So – the end of my first trip to Africa.
Already before I boarded my flight I decided that Im going back as soon as possible!!


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