A small reunion in Kisumu

For a few days I was rushing through Kenya. I had a small stopover in Nakuru and Egerton Unversity, where I met up with James and Sarah. I discovered a very nice hotel just outside the gatre – much cheaper than the one in the university area (Im down in 40 NOK per night!), and … Continue reading

More from Naro Moru

Since I have been very bad at writing my blog and also my diary I dont have a very good summary of my days here in Kenya, its too much going on and I always have something to do or somewhere to go. I stayed with the organization for three weeks, but since there were … Continue reading

A weekend trip to Malindi

I have had a break from the cold weather in Naro Moru and visited the coast, and had a very nice trip. It’s a long journey, first three hours to Nairobi, then another seven hours to Mombasa, then two hours to Malindi. I spent a night in Nairobi on the way, and have managed to … Continue reading

Weekend trip to Nakuru

During my weekends I will try to visit friends, as i realize that two months are not that much time! There are so many places I want to go and people I want to meet. This weekend I went to nakuru. That’s the town where I stayed with and organization last year. When I was … Continue reading

Naro Moru – volunteering with Help Self Help Centre

I have now arrived in Naro Moru where I will stay with an organization called Help Self Help Centre (HSHC). This is a Kenyan NGO working with themes like sustainable agriculture, natural recourse management and business management for farmers – among several things. They are also producing bio-diesel and oil for foods on a commercial … Continue reading

Taita Hills

After some days in Nairobi it was time to move on. I was planning to go to Malindi to visit some friends, but then one of them was home in the village in Taita, so when he invited me over I decided to go there instead. After a six hours long bus ride towards the … Continue reading

Nairobi Childrens home

Thanks for the ones who brought me some clothes for children that I could bring to kenya. One of my friends here, Urbanus, took me to Nairobi childrens home somI could deliver them. It is highly appreciated, and the children were happy when they also found some nice toys. When we arrive it is nice … Continue reading

Returning to kenya :)

Finally, the day I have been waiting for almost a year: another trip to Kenya! My cousin Mari was nice and drove me to the airport, I had off course way too much luggage…as usual. The flight from oslo was delayed, not much, but enough to make a really stressful 20 minutes from landing i … Continue reading