Returning to kenya :)

Finally, the day I have been waiting for almost a year: another trip to Kenya! My cousin Mari was nice and drove me to the airport, I had off course way too much luggage…as usual. The flight from oslo was delayed, not much, but enough to make a really stressful 20 minutes from landing i n Istanbul till the next flight closed the doors. I was running, and it felt like every person in that airport was trying to be in my way. But I made it! However, my luggage was left in Istanbul. It took quite some time to fill out forms in the airport, and I was pretty tired as it was three at night…but I had a nice taxi driver who waited for me, and even drove by a 24h supermarket so I could by some few things for the next morning. SO, Ive been trying to be a really minimalistic backpacker for some days, but I dont like it….I was very happy when someone finally picked up the phone at customer care and they told me my bags was there!

The first days I have just been relaxing in Nairobi. It was nice to find out that I still feel comfortable walking around in the city, and all though it has a bad rumour – I like it! For a few days Ive just met friends, relaxed and walking around. It was so nice to meet James and Urbanus again! I have also met a friend of a friend from Norway who lives and works here. We went out to have some dinner, very expensive (in my kenyan mind), but very nice chinese food 🙂 Will move on to the coast later this week, first to taita hills to visit a friend who is home in his village, then we move on to Malindi where he lives to meet the two other nice brothers which I celebrated new year with last year. So, my first week is flying, and monday I will meet at the office of the organization that I will stay with for five weeks, then move on to Naro Moru where I will stay those weeks.

No photos yet, but I promise to use my camera more – I will even get a good one of a giraffe, I promise 🙂


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