Nairobi Childrens home

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Thanks for the ones who brought me some clothes for children that I could bring to kenya. One of my friends here, Urbanus, took me to Nairobi childrens home somI could deliver them. It is highly appreciated, and the children were happy when they also found some nice toys. When we arrive it is nice and quiet, until we enter the house – then its children everywhere! The children who´s here are either without parents or abused children, and are staying temporarily until they can get foster homes. The home was established by the government, but have limited funds, and are dependent on volunteers and gifts to run properly. The children were very excited about everything that were brought, and even more excited about the camera, they love to see themselves in photos. We just had a short stop here, due to shortage of time due to the traffic jam. The matatus, the minibuses used for public transport in Kenya, were on strike for a few days to protest against the corrupt police, who often demand a bribe from the matatus when they are stopped along the road. So – I think every excisting car in the Nairobi area were on the road these days, the traffic jam was worse than ever! We were stuck in traffic for hours both to and from the childrens home.

Enough of Nairobi for a while, I will move on to Taita Hills to join a friend who is visiting his family in the villlage. Looking forward to some days on the countryside.


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