Weekend trip to Nakuru

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During my weekends I will try to visit friends, as i realize that two months are not that much time! There are so many places I want to go and people I want to meet. This weekend I went to nakuru. That’s the town where I stayed with and organization last year. When I was there I met a Norwegian woman who´s lived in Kenya for 15 years, and I celebrated christmas with her family last year.

I travelled from Nanyuki, the nearest town. It took more than one hour to wait for the car to fill up, and the “direct express” transferred us to another empty vehicle in Nyahururu, and another hour to wait. When I finally arrived in Nakuru it had taken in total 6 hours to travel the 200 kilometres. On the way I crossed the equator several times (according to the signs and souvenir shops), and we also spotted mosques, antelopes, zebras and a giraffe on the way – my cheapest safari ever!

I stayed with Kristin and her family, they have a big house about 6 km outside town. Its nice and quiet, and they immediately make you feel at home. Both the children speak fluent Norwegian although they have grow up in Kenya, so now they were forced to speak Norwegian the whole weekend! Saturday I went to the town centre and walked around and did some shopping, and I met a friend from the organization I stayed with last year.  In the evening I made pizzas – that was a nice break from ugali and beans!

Then I returned to Naro Moru – this time I bought my tickets step by step, just to the next town, In that way I can pick the vehicle that is already full! Five different matatus later I was back on Site. A new volunteer had arrived during the weekend, and its nice with more people here.


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