A weekend trip to Malindi

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I have had a break from the cold weather in Naro Moru and visited the coast, and had a very nice trip. It’s a long journey, first three hours to Nairobi, then another seven hours to Mombasa, then two hours to Malindi. I spent a night in Nairobi on the way, and have managed to find a good and cheaper hotel in town, in the area where all the buses and matatus depart from. Africana is placed in Dubois road, it’s a secure and ok place with nice staff, and a very nice breakfast included – and also a lot of places to eat in the area.

It’s a long journey to the coast, 7 hours by bus. But the big bus companies like MASH and Coastbus are usually almost in time for departure, and the buses are quite comfortable as long as you are seated in the front of the bus – in the back its bumpy!  Its seven-eight hours from Nairobi to Mombasa, and then I continued by matatu to Malindi – another two hours.

I stayed with Ken and his brothers Amon and Norman, and their uncle kid Ben. They live in the village just outside Malindi, walking distance to both the city centre and the beaches.  It’s a nice place, but kind of crowdy with a lot of neighbours within the compound. Malindi is hot at this time, so the days passed by just walking in the city, walking on the beach, swimming, relaxing in the shadow and eating Amons delicious food. He makes the best chapatis Ive tasted, with greens and fruits mixed in the dough.  I stayed over the weekend, and the time passed too fast, I just wanted to stay there and enjoy the relaxing life in the heat. Im now back in Naro Moru, and  Im counting down to my friend Sarah arrives from the states and will stay in Nakuru for some time .


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