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Since I have been very bad at writing my blog and also my diary I dont have a very good summary of my days here in Kenya, its too much going on and I always have something to do or somewhere to go. I stayed with the organization for three weeks, but since there were not really any tasks for me and just occassionally something going on in the field I felt I was just idling around. It was actually not bad, the people were nice, I saw some interesting projects and met some of the farmers around in the area I, and the other volunteers were also fun spending time with. I have learned how to grow mushrooms, and the organisations factory producing biodiesel is really good, even though not very efficient compared to european standards, and they have a lot of intresting plans for the future. However, they need to get a bit more organized when it comes to their volunteers. I have eaten a lot of nice mangos, I have seen the impressing top of mount kenya ( all though not climbed it) and I have impressed the guys in the local pub by putting three balls in a row when playing pool in the local pub. I decided to leave the organization earlier than planned, and in stead go to Turkana with James to see some of the projects he works on, and also spend some time with Sarah which has arrived from the states to stay in Nakuru for some months.


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