A small reunion in Kisumu

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For a few days I was rushing through Kenya. I had a small stopover in Nakuru and Egerton Unversity, where I met up with James and Sarah. I discovered a very nice hotel just outside the gatre – much cheaper than the one in the university area (Im down in 40 NOK per night!), and it was very nice and the staff were so friendly. It was nice to meet up with Sarah again, and the morning after all three of us continued to Kisumu. Last year i was visiting the cousin of James and stayed with them for a weekend, and this time when I arrived there was a new baby in the house named Elin Mirell. That was nice 🙂
In Kisumu we also had a small reunion from a UMB summercourse I joined two years ago. So me, Sarah, James and Denis from Uganda finally manage to meet, but Urbanus didint make it from Nairobi. I stayed with Denis last year when I was in Uganda, and it was so nice to meet again. He also brought his daughter Vicky with him, she had told him he was not allowed to go see that white person without her! We spent a very nice afternoon in Kisumu, taking fish by the lake and walking around. In the afternoon we all went to Corbnelius ‘s house and he hosted us all. Wherever you are in Kenya there is always room for one more.

Following the program of James, which is changing all the time, we were out of the door 5:30 sharp to be in Kitale by nine in the morning. He wanted us to go with a government vehicle in stead of the bus, so we could stop over at some of the sites he works with water harvesting and irrigation systems in the desert area of Turkana. We arrived Kitale at 9:30 – and 11:30 they had managed to arrange everything and we were onm the way.


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