One week in Tanzania

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I was recommanded by a friend at home to step by Tanga on my way to Daar Es Salaam, so I did. I went there with a bus company called Tahmeed, which was a good choice. I had no idea where to stay when I arrived since there seemed to be a whole lot of expensive resorts, and most phone numbers from the guidebook was not working…but I went to the cheapest place mentioned in the book. Ocean Breeze hotel showed out to be a nice place in the middle of town, and the first thing I stumpled upon was Ellen – a Norwegian girl who ran a tour company called Ilaya tours with her boyfriend. I didn’t do any trips with them except for arranging to be driven out of town to spend a day there – but check out their webpage if you are doing hiking or safari in Tanzania – they are very nice and reliable people!
I spent two days in Tanga, just relaxing, hanging out, spent one day in a place called TICC just to relax in the sun and take a swim – and then I continued to Daar Es Salam. I stayed at Jambo Inn – a typical backpackerplace with good rooms, internet and a restaurant with food from the whole world. I had a short walk around town when I arrived, but continued to Zanzibar the next day since I was planning to attend a music festival celebrating all things swahili. Zanzibar had been without electricity for quite some time, but most of the hotels had aggragates. The first view of Zanzibar from the boat was wonderful – and I really loved it from the first sight! The first day I walked around a lot in the narrow and charming streets. It is indeed a wonderful place, and a lot of activities to attend like snorkeling, spice tours or boat trips. I was planning to do it all – but it didn’t really work out…at night I felt bad, during the night even worse freezing and sweating in turns. Malaria. So – I returned to Daar, and then I slept for three days in my room at Jambo Inn. I felt really bad, and in the end all I wanted was to go back to Kenya since I didn’t have the energy to try to find any new friends in Daar. Then I realized that the buses actually had to be booked some days ahead, because they where all full! So – with an extra day in Daar without energy, I took a taxi to a very nice resort outside town, then I slept in the sun all day with small breaks swimming in the pool.
The trip back to Mombasa was loooong, after the malaria I felt really bad in the heat. This is one of the situations you just have to resign and think “it will soon be over”.
All in all – I really liked Tanzania, but I didn’t see as much of it as I wanted – so I definitely have to go back some time!


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