Last weeks in Kenya

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I continued straight to Malindi when I got back from Tanzania, and then I stayed at a nice hotel outside the city centre, close to the village of my friends. It was so nice and quiet there, and the room was kind of cool compared to the wall of heat that met me once I was outside.Heat usually don’t affect me much, but after the malaria I really struggled! But I had some nice days just sleeping a lot, taking walks to the beach, and having Amons nice dinner every evening. One of the days I went to Watamu with Ken, Amon and Ben – and Ben was so excited to go for a trip! We went by matatu, walked around a lot and spent some hours on the beach. I was not so impressed by the beach here – it was not very nice and there was a lot of stuff in the water.  But we still had fun playing in the sand, and I had my fun burying Ben in the sand. He was a bit skeptical though….

I started running out if time and it was actually time to start counting the days before my return home. It stressed me abit, since I still had things undone! So I had a sad goodbye to my friends in Malindi – and headed for Nakuru and Egerton university. I had only passed by there briefly during my stay, and wanted to spend some more time there with James and Sarah. The cool weather was wonderful after the heat on the coast – and for a few nights I stayed at “my” hotel at the university where I spent three weeks last year. A lot of good memories, and I was so happy when the waiter serving the breakfast gave me a big smile and said “Hey, you´re back!”. I spent a lot of time with Sarah and one of her room-mates, and we had a lot of fun and cooked some nice meals. One thing I miss when I travel is access to a kitchen! We were included in one of Annes big lab experiments (which was carried out at the table in the livingroom) – transferring five aphid to each leaf placed in a petridish after dipping them in different kinds of liquid to see if they could survive to a lot of petridishes! So, after a lot of moving, dipping, drowning and loosing a lot of aphids we swept most of it away and made a nice dinner.

Then Sarah and Anne joined me for my last days to Nairobi, some big-city life and visiting the giraffe centre!


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