Just about to leave winter and snow behind for new adventures

When Norway turns too cold its time to leave. This winter I will travel to Mali and Senegal. Tomorrow its time to leave – my bag is packed, and Im ready! I will start out with a few days in Paris – I´ve never been there, so Im looking forward to see some of the city. Finally, I will also check out couchsurfing as a surfer, not a host!

I will continue to Bamako, the capital of Mali, and Im really excited about celebrating new years there.  In the very beginning of next year I will continue to Timbuctu for the Festival au Desert – a real highlight of this trip! Lots of drums and music, and locals riding to the festival on camels…so exotic for a norwegian! After that – probably joining a workshop of african dance, and continue to Senegal in the end of january. No set plans, just see what happens – just the way I like it. I will do my best to share my stories and photos with you – depending on the internet access.

2 Responses to “Just about to leave winter and snow behind for new adventures”
  1. Sonja says:

    Godt Nytt År Vennen! Gleder meg til du får nettilgang slik at eg kan få ein liten oppdatering på kva som skjer i Afrika. Ellers går livet sin vante gang her i Tigerstaden. Igår brukte eg 4 timer på å leite etter langrennsski utan å kjøpe nokon…. må tilbake i dag… JIPPI 🙂

  2. Lukas Ulrich says:

    Hi Elin!

    Off for your next adventure! I’m sure you’ll enjoy west Africa and am looking forward to blog updates!
    Stay warm, take care & enjoy!


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