Bamako – first impression and new years celebration.

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The trip from Paris to Mali went smooth, though some delay in Paris. Kind of a chaotic airport, and huge! I arrived late at night, and had to wake up someone to get my room at the Sleeping Camel. I had a good nights sleep, and the next day I was ready for exploring  Bamako and celebrate the beginning of a new year. I met up with Chiara  – another volunteer for the festival au desert – and we had a great day walking in town, at the market, and then drinking traditional tea with some guys we met at Maison de Jeunes. After a few hours relaxing we were ready for  Bamako by night. We ended up in a place called Djembe with live music and a lot of dancing. A great celebration of the new year, and two tired girls crawling to bed in the early morning hours.

My first impression of Bamako is good. I can only compare it to the cities in Kenya , but it seems that people are more relaxed here, and there are not so much hassling from the street vendors. Already the first day I met several nice people, and Im looking forward to spend some weeks here later. Off to a looong busride from Bamako to Timbuctu!


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