Ile de Gorée

Ile de Gorée is a wonderful island with a painful history, since it played an important role in the  slave trade. It is a peaceful escape from the city, just 20 minutes by boat. No roads, no cars, just the old colonial houses and narrow streets filled with flowers. It was a wonderful place – … Continue reading

Dakar – first days in Senegal

I arrived Dakar about mid-day, and I was very tired after a long night of out-of-the-bus  – check all luggage – into-the-bus, sleep for one hour, followed by out-of-the-bus again. I have no idea if the numerous checks actually have any meaning, or if it is just the police who want money. At least I … Continue reading

Dancing and drumming in Bamako

The week in Sonan  Koroba was followed by another week of dance in Bamako. We stayed in a big house abit outside the city centre, and every day we were picked up after breakfast and drove to the place the workshop were held. We continued dancing with Brahima, and in the afternoon we danced with … Continue reading

Dancing and drumming in Sanankoroba

Sananoroba is a small village south in Mali, close to the border of Guinea. It’s the home village of Sidiki, and during the workshop he arranges every year one of the weeks is spent in the village of his family. Its about 2000 people in the village, and they live in traditional mud huts. During … Continue reading