Dancing and drumming in Bamako

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The week in Sonan  Koroba was followed by another week of dance in Bamako. We stayed in a big house abit outside the city centre, and every day we were picked up after breakfast and drove to the place the workshop were held. We continued dancing with Brahima, and in the afternoon we danced with a woman from the National Ballett of Mali. Although most of the days was resting in the shadow or waiting for something it felt like the days was full – probably because of the four hours of dance and the heat. After a second week of dance my foot said enough and started aching again – so the next week I changed to drumming. I have never played before, except from a weekend workshop years ago – and it takes some time to get used to the different ways of beating the drum, to hit it correctly, and to coordinate the different movements. But its fun!

This last week it was only four people left, so I moved into an hostel in the city so it was easier to meet up with friends after my classes. Now I had only two hours a day, so spending all the day in the workshop or the house would have been boring. In town I had some more friends which I met in Timbuctu – and I was ready for more social life in the evenings. I stayed in the Sleeping Camel first, which is a great place – but then I discovered Djamila guesthouse. It was so beautiful , so I decided to stay there the last days I spent in Bamako. I finally met up with Chiara again – the first person I met in Bamako, and we had some fun days in the market and around town.

One month is already over, and four at night I arrived in the bus station to catch a bus to Dakar. Two days in a bus – a long journey! Off course the bus arrived two hours after schedule, and the new and nice buses of Sonef I had seen were not the ones going to Dakar…The journey itself is about 1100 km, and the roads are not bad at all. Still, it took around 30 hours to get there, mostly due to customs and the numerous police checks going through the whole bus  about every hour  the whole night through. But I had a nice trip due to good company – it´s impossible not to become good friends when you are squeezed together for 30 hours!

One Response to “Dancing and drumming in Bamako”
  1. kenneth says:

    Drumming and dancing must have been a big fun just like one we call Kishawi in taita.

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