Dakar – first days in Senegal

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I arrived Dakar about mid-day, and I was very tired after a long night of out-of-the-bus  – check all luggage – into-the-bus, sleep for one hour, followed by out-of-the-bus again. I have no idea if the numerous checks actually have any meaning, or if it is just the police who want money. At least I moved from a bus to a taxi, but I realized after a while it was a bad choice of a taxi. I had the address which was pretty close to the bus station – but after driving around for 40 minutes in the same area without getting to the right address, even after numerous calls between the driver and a local friend – we gave up. He placed me outside a school, and Anne and Moussa arrived there to pick me up.

I have a german friend who stays in Dakar for some while, and I stay in an apartment with her and two Senegalese guys, Moussa and Masamba. Its in an area outside the city centre, very close to the sea and a wonderful sand beach. The sea is a bit too rough for swimming – but the beach is good for walks. I have a room, a mattress, the possibility to cook – so its much better than staying in an expensive hostel in town – especially since I have company by Anne and baby Fallou here.  After I arrived I spent a few days just relaxing – walking around the city centre and find the markets, shopping more fabrics, driving another tailor crazy running back and forward to get the clothes exactly as I wants, a small glimpse at Dakar by night with a friend from the long bus journey, visit the local market, cooking thai-style food – which was absolutely wonderful after a month of rice and sause (well, it was actually rice and sauce, but with coconut…). The plan was to travel to Casamance to spend one week there, but the boat was full – and I was not ready for yet another long bus trip. The second choice turned out to be very good: a weekend at the small island Ile de Gorée, just outside Dakar.


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