Ile de Gorée

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Ile de Gorée is a wonderful island with a painful history, since it played an important role in the  slave trade. It is a peaceful escape from the city, just 20 minutes by boat. No roads, no cars, just the old colonial houses and narrow streets filled with flowers. It was a wonderful place – when you manage to close out all the vendors of art and jewelries. It’s full of tourists every day, but due to crowds of tourists every day it surprised me how nice and quiet it was.

Most people go there for a daytrip, but we decided to stay there for the weekend. We arrived without any bookings, and everything was full due to a conference. But Moussa had a friend there, so in no time we had a room anyway. It was very nice, with lots of light and with a wonderful view to a narrow streets with flowers – which was my only wish for the place we should stay. The room was a little bit crowdy with three people and a baby, but hey, we´re in Africa.

Two wonderful days of total piece, fresh air, sun, walking, and meditative evenings without anything going on – not bad after a month of travelling and constantly something happening!


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