Next trip: Mongolia Charity Rally.

The last four years I have been travelling solo in Thailand and different African countries during my vacations. Nest year I have teamed up with two good freinds, and together we are the Cooking Charity Chicks. We are three women who believe that ordinary people can do amazing things – so here is what we will do: We will drive a car from England to Mongolia, and when we get there the car will be donated to a charity organization in Mongolia. While preparing and on the road we will do our best to make people follow our adventure, and try to fundrais heaps of cahs for good causes in Mongolia. It is all for charity!

July 2012: the 16 000 kilomter journey starts!

You want to follow me? I will run my travel blog as usual when Im on the road, so the trip from my point of view you can follow here. On my food blog Taste of Slow I will keep you updated on vegetarian travel – all the way from England to Ulaan Bataar!

If you want to follow every step of the trip, then make sure you also visit us chicks at Cooking Charity Chicks!


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