Chiang Mai – last days with ele people, cooking classes and mountain biking.

When I had finished my week at the elephant park I went back to Chiang Mai. I found a nice hotel with a swimming pool, and stayed there with some of the other people from the park. The Sunday night in town was pretty good, going to the market with the same people I spent … Continue reading

Ele photos

Just a bunch of photos of the elephants. Follow the links and take a look at the videos – the babies playing in the mud are so cute! Video 1 Video 2 (videos by Harald – thanks for letting me use them)

Elephant Haven

Once or twice a week elephants are taken even further into the jungle and up in the mountains, to elephant haven. It is a really beautiful spot. We were a group of thirteen walking with the elephants up there and spend the night under a roof on a pole floor. Walking with the elephants are … Continue reading

Life in the park

We arrived in the park in a kind of caotic day, because a big group was staying an extra day. So we were shown around the park and had a lot of information the first day, then we were stowed three people in small rooms for the first night. Very basic accommodation with bed and … Continue reading

Elephant Nature Park – one week as a volunteer

Monday morning I was picked up to go to Elephant nature park. I like the way you are picked up whatever you are doing, just tell them where you live, and you will get whereever you are supposed to in some way. After picking up more people around the city we went to the main … Continue reading